Prof. Dr. Markus Michler

Head of Photonics
Markus Michler


  • Physics / Quantum Optics
  • Microtechnology/ Photolithography
  • Photonics
  • Fiber Optic / Integrated Optic / Microoptic
  • Thin Film Optic & Characterization of optical thin films
  • Industrial Projects / Project proposals
+41 81 755 34 64

Dr. Markus Michler studied physics at the University of Innsbruck. He received his PHD from the University of Vienna in 2001 in the field of quantum information in the group of Prof. A. Zeilinger. Since 2006, Dr. Markus Michler works as a lecturer in Physics and Photonics at the NTB in Buchs. He is head of the competence field Photonics and is coordinating the photonics activities of the Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnology. His main interests are optical coating technology, optical packaging as well as fiber and integrated optics. He also coordinated and managed several industrial projects in recent years and is responsible for the “Applied Photonics” module within the Swiss MSE Master’s program. Together with his team he developed a new Curriculum in photonics within the NTB degree course “systems engineering”, which he has also been responsible for since 2015. Dr. Michler is author and co-author of several technical publications, is involved in numerous patents and has received several national and international awards.



At the Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnology we are engaged in applied research and development projects in close cooperation with industrial partners and other research institutions. Our expertise covers a large range of the microtechnology field and of other engineering disciplines.