Dipl. Ing. Jan Allaart

Jan Allaart


  • Failure analysis and metallography
  • Joining technologies with focus on brazing and welding
  • Heat treatment of steel
  • Design of experiments
+41 81 755 33 75

Jan Allaart studied materials science at the University of Leoben and wrote his diploma thesis on the depostition and characterization of PVD hard coatings. In 2002 Mr. Allaart started his professional career at Hilti Corporation as project manager for process development of production processes. The focus was on the heat treatment of steel and joining processes such as laser welding and resistance welding. From 2009 to 2014, Jan was an expert for Joining Technologies, responsible for the strategy and further development of these key technologies. At the same time he was project manager for the development of new joining processes. In 2015, Mr. Allaart moved to Hilti's central materials laboratory, where he was deputy head of damage analysis and metallography. Since July 1, 2019, Mr. Allaart has been working in the materials laboratory of NTB.



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