Prof. Einar Nielsen

Lecturer in Automation, Robotics and Systems Engineering


Important technical successes as a result of projects

2017World’s First Robotically Assisted Cochlear Implantation performed by a robot that was developed and produced by the NTB Competence Center Robotics

Directly Financed Contract Projects

2018Battery Changing Robot for Artwork Play by Urs Fischer (NY, USA)
2018Moving Office Chair, Artwork Play by Urs Fischer (Gagosian Gallery, NY, USA)
2014Prototype of novel Laser Scanner (Hexagon Techology Center GmbH, Heerbrugg)


2017MIRACI- Minimally lnvasive and Robotically Assisted Cochlear lmplantation (CAScination AG, ARTORG Center of the University of Bern, Bern University Hospital)
2015Neurological Gait Trainer (ZHdK, ZHAW and ABILITY Switzerland AG)
2014Fast high precision robot, accuracy < 1 mm (Hexagon Techology Center GmbH, CH)


since 2006NTBFull Professor in the field of Automation and Robotics and Head of the Robotics Competence Center
1999-2006ZHAWSenior Research Engineer / Scientist
1999-2001EMPAConception and design of an intelligent water pipe inspection robot; project management, design and production
1997-1998Huber+Suhner AGOptimization of the mecos robot production system
1996-1997RobotInstall GmbHRealisation of a video- and force-sensor guided robot system for fully-automated production of HF-cable-assemblies for the telecommunication industry
1992-1996mecos Robotics AGFounder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
1989-1993Institute of Robotics, ETHZResearch associate
1984-1989ETHZMechanical Engineer ETH with specialization in higher mechanics (focus on mechatronics) and lightweight structure engineering (examinations: 5.51, theses 5.64)
1982-1984Brown, Boveri & Cie BBCDesign and calculation engineer, designing air cooling generators up to 250 MVA and calculating rotor dynamics
1979-1982HTL WinterthurMechanical Engineer HTL at Technikum Winterthur (examinations: 5.63, theses 5.5)


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