Photonic Technologies

  • Basic Photonic Equipment
  • Fiber optics assembly
  • Firber Optic Measurements
  • Thin Film Characterization
  • Simulation
  • Educational Equipment

Every laboratory in the field of optics and photonics needs a certain basic infrastructure.


  • Components to hold and position lenses, prisms, light sources and detectors
  • Motorized linear axes and rotary tables
  • Piezo micrometer screws
  • Various lasers and light sources
  • Tunable lasers
  • Integrating spheres
  • Polarimeters
  • Beam view cameras (200-1700 nm)
  • Autocorrelators
  • Power detectors
  • CCD and CMOS cameras

The assembly of silica fibers is a key task in different fields of application like fiber optics, fiber optical data transfer or fiber optical illumination.


  • Fiber Stripper
  • Fiber Cleaver (Fujikura)
  • Semi Automatic Polishing of Fiber Plugs (Seikoh Giken)
  • Fiber Splicer (Ericsson Splicer FSU 975)

Fiber optic measurements is one of our core competences where fibers are used to transfer light from the source to the sample and from there to the detector.


  • VIS-Spektrometer (Ocean Optics HR4000, Avantes USB2000)
  • Integration Spheres (Newport Model 818-IS-1, Mikropack ISP-30-6-REFL, Gigahertz-Optik UPK-150-F)
  • OSA - Optical Spectrum Analyzer from Agilent (C-Band)
  • ASE Sources - Amplified Spontanous Emission (HP 83438A, Thorlabs ASE-FL 7002)
  • Tunable Lasers (Nettest 3642 HE 10 & 3642 HE CL)
  • Various Fiber coupled laser sources

One of our core competences in the field of Photonics is the characterisation of optical thin films and layer systems.


  • Metricon 2010 (Measurement of refractive indices of bulk materials, film thicknesses and refractive indices of thin layers)
  • FilmMetrics (Measurement of film thicknesses)
  • Reflection and Transmission Spectrometer

Numerical methods and modelling techniques are gaining importance in the design of optical systems.


  • ZEMAX - Sequential and Non-Sequantial Ray-Tracing
  • RSoft Photonic Design Software from Synopsys - Wave optical simulation of wave guides, photonic crystals and diffractive gratings
  • FilmStar - Thin Film Simulation

In the field of micro and integrated optics we offer not only theoretical education but also hands-on trainings and project works.


  • Laser Education Kit - YAG-Laser
  • Projects in Fiberoptics (Single- & Multimode)