Coating Technologies

  • Thin Film Technologies
  • Micro Electroplating

Typical Applications

  • Metalization for electrodes and electrical circuit paths
  • Diffusion barriers and adhesion layers
  • Sacrificial layers
  • Optical coatings (filters, mirrors, AR coatings ...)
  • Seed layers for electroplating
  • Electrical insulation, passivation, and surface protection
  • Masking and etch-stop layers for patterning (for wet and dry etching)
  • Decorative thin films

Typical Applications

  • Deposition of various metals such as Ni, Cu, Sn, Ag, Au
  • Fabrication of LIGA structures and masters for injection molding and embossing processes
  • Fabrication of under bump metallizations (UBM)
  • Fabrication of solder layers
  • Filling of through silicon via structures (TSV)


  • 1 x Rackplater RENA EPM 100R22
  • 1 x Tilt-Rotation-Plater RENA EPM 100T
  • 3 x Fountain-Plater RENA EPM 100F
  • Various baths for wet chemical pretreatmens
  • Fume hood for flexible experimental setups
  • Various analytical methods