Clean Room Technologies

  • Photolithography
  • Dry Etching
  • Wet Etching

Typical Applications

  • Masking for dry and wet etching (e.g. DRIE, BOE)
  • Patterning of thin films (e.g. Lift-off)
  • Patterning for subsequent electroplaing processes (e.g. UV-LIGA)
  • Direct fabrication of microtechnical parts (e.g. SU-8)

Typical Applications

  • Fabrication of high resolution, high aspect ratio structures in silicon (sensors, actuators, ...)
  • Patterning of oxides, nitrides and oxinitrides
  • High precision oxide mask patterning
  • Cleaning and surface conditioning (contolling hydrophilicilty) in preparation for electroplating
  • Ashing of resist materials
  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Surface activation for subsequent wet chemical processes

Typical Applications

  • Wet chemical cleaning of substrates
  • Fabrication of electrical circuits (wet etching of metallic thin films)
  • Fabrication of functional and optical structures
  • Fabrication of anisotropic etched structures in silicon
  • Fabrication of isotropic etched structures in glass


  • Cleaning baths: room temperature HNO3, Hot HNO3 (100 °C), BOE
  • Piranha Etch Solution (H2SO4 + H2O2)
  • Temperature controlled KOH bath with circulation for the anisotropic etching of silicon
  • Temperature controlled Al-etch solution
  • Circulation baths with optional ultrasonic agitation
  • Wet chemical etchants for Au, Cr, Ti, W/Ti, Cu, Al, Ni, ...