Polymers and Adhesives (Polymerics)

The Art of Polymers

Polymer materials have become fundamental parts in a wide range of products in industrial and daily use. Time and again they are the basis for new innovative applications, in particular since they have some superior properties compared to other materials. The characteristics of polymers can be changed e.g. by modifications, fabrication steps, and ageing. These changes make it necessary to chemically and physically characterize the resulting materials and products. In this sense, Polymerics stands for "dealing with polymer materials" within their entire life cycle.

Our Expertise

We gladly assist you to asses, understand and opitmize the chemical, physical and process techological properties of polymer materials within their whole life cycle. Therefore, our main focuses of expertise are:

  • Developement of funcunalized polymers (in particular adhesives, resists and cast resins) by specific additivation (e.g. nanocomposites)
  • Surface modification, coating and microstructuring (further information you can find here: Additive Manufacturing, Mikrofluidics)
  • Adhesive bonding (find more under Packaging)
  • Material optimizations to extend the service life of products in use with regard to temperature, light, chemical, and other influences 
  • Development of test procedures suited for industrial applications
  • Sophisticated failure analyses and assessments 

To solve these tasks there is an extensive infrastracture at the MNT.