PECVD Plasmalab System 100 (Oxford Instruments)

Processes:Deposition of thin films
Materials:SiO2, TEOS oxide, SiNx, SiOxNy, a-Si, poly-Si, SiC, Al2O3, graphene, carbon nanotubes
Substrate sizes:Up to ∅ 200mm
Sources:CCP 13.56 MHz mixable with 100 kHz for stress reduction
Power:Max. 300 W
Process gases:SiH4, N2O, NH3, CH4, N2, He, CF4, H2, O2, Ar
Precursors:TEOS, TMA
Special feature:Vapor delivery system for various liquid precursors
Substrate temperature:Up to 1200 °C
Process monitoring:Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) 200 - 800 nm
Manufacturer:Oxford Instruments