Vision und Mission of the MNT

Solutions and procedures for microsystems engineering and nanotechnology are a research topic at the NTB since 1993. This led to the founding of the institute MNT (formerly IMS). Collaboration with industrial clients and our servicing business has been our focus since the beginning of our work. We have grown to more than 30 people in the institute and operate cleanrooms (class 1000) with specialized areas (class 100) with extensive infrastructure in the areas of coatings, photolithography, wet and dry etching, fabrication and bonding technology, surface analytics, optical and chemical procedures and further vacuum technologies.

Last but not least, we are fully engaged in apprenticeships of physical laboratory assistantships. 


As a proactive and professional partner for the industry, we see ourselves as a competence partner for microsystems engineering (MEMS and MOEMS). We come through for the needs of our clients. Their satisfaction and benefit are our primary aims. In order to implement this, IPRs are more important to us than technical publications in journals. We well versed and experienced in this mode of operation. Furthermore, we provide continuing education within the scope of MNT activities.


We strive to be the first counterpart for industrial research projects in the area of microsystems engineering and nanotechnology in Switzerland. Furthermore, we offer our clients a One-Stop-Shop service for MEMS. The MNT can compete with the larger institutions in Switzerland in applied research. The MNT is also one of the many reasons to study at the NTB. After a successful graduation in Systems Engineering (B. Sc.), it is possible to do a master in Micro- and Nanotechnology.