The institute for Micro- and Nanotechnology was founded in 1993. Since then the close collaboration with industrial partners is the focus of our work. More than 30 employees provide support in the fields ranging from simulation, design and prototyping to the successful implementation of microsystems and processes in your products and industiral environment.

We have successfully carried out a vast variety of projects in collabouration with over 50 industrial partners. This speaks for itself.


What we can do for You

From sketches to prototypes, from an idea to an innovation, from research and development to actual products


Do You have a task for us?

One of our expert groups will help You happily. There are different ways to work with us.


We develop and research together with you. Innovative projects can apply for financial support from the public sector (CTI-Projects). Click here for Projects.


Benefit from our Infrastrucure and Know-How. In the field of applied research and development we maintain direct contacts with over 20 institutes, laboratories and more than 50 industrial partners worldwide.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

There is the possibility to have your project worked on in the scope of a bachelor or master thesis. With minimal expenses we (our students) solve your problem. Here you can finde more information about Bachelor und Master theses.

Education and Training

We offer theoretical and practical training in various work shops (basics in vacuum technology, applied vacuum technology, hands-on-MEMS) in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. The existing work shops can be adjusted to your specific needs. Here you can find more about our work shops.

Contact: Professors


The insitute MNT only applies for patents if the idea was not created within an industiral project. We want to emphasise though that we require to be mentionned as co-inventors if the industrial partner applies for a patent that is based on the cooperational work with us.

If you have any questions about intellectual property rights (IPR) and the according politics of the MNT please don't hesitate to contact us.


The institute MNT is focussed on the application orentated research and development for industiral partners. Most projects are carried out under  nondisclosure agreements (NDA). No results are being published wihtout the expicit consent of the industrial partners.

Scientific work as well as authorised results will be published by NTB.