Wärmepumpen-Testzentrum Buchs WPZ

The Wärmepumpen-Testzentrum WPZ is an EN 17025 certified inspection authority and offers comprehensive testing service in the field of heat pump and refrigeration technology.

At the test facility we can obtain heating and cooling power and the respective characteristic values (COP, EER) employing comprehensive measurement systems. The measurements conform to the international testing regulations EN 14511, EN 14825 or EN 16147 and the extended requirements of the EHPA inspection regulations, the ErP- or the NF regulations.

With the inspection performed at the WPZ, it is possible to obtain the international seal of approval or the registration for NF. 

The Wärmepumpen-Testzentrum WPZ is approved for the following inspection regulations:

  • EHPA test regulation ErP-directives (EU) 
  • NF-guidelines (France) 
  • LCP-guidelines(France) 
  • Heat loss according to EnV (Switzerland) 
  • Sound power level measurement according to EN 12102 and ISO EN 9614