Decentralized Energy Systems

Solar Irradiance Measurment Setup

Continuous measurement of global-, diffused-, direct- and albedo irradiation, ambient temperature, barometric pressure, air humidity, wind direction and wind speed.

The irradiance sensors are ventilated CM22, CMP11, CHP1 and SPlite fom K&Z, SR05 from Hukseflux and SPN1 from Delta-T. 

Photo voltaic module continuous IV-scan measurement for six different orientations:

  • South vertical (inclination 90°, azimuth -13.2°)
  • South horizontal (inclination 0°)
  • South inclined (inclination 35°, azimuth -13.2°)
  • East inclined (inclination 35°, azimuth -103.2°)
  • West inclined (inclination 35°, azimuth -76.8°)
  • North inclined (inclination 35°, azimuth -166.8°)

Measurement data from the beginning of 2014 with a sampling interval of 12 seconds. Since 2016, the data is sampled every 4 seconds. 

IV-Test Bench for Solar Cells

Test bench for photovoltaic cells with various light sources an a four quadrant measurment instrument to perform IV-scans.