Akustics Lab

Various applications at the institute requiring acoustic characterization and optimization led to a sound pressure level measurement setup for measurements in an anechoic chamber and in the field compliant to EN ISO 9614 and EN 12102. We can optimize equipment for low noise according to your requirements.  

With the anechoic chamber we can make acoustic measurements of 100 Hz and below without problems. We are able to characterize both equipment with narrow or wide band noise. The anechoic chamber can be used to characterize the directivity of a sound emitter and to localize discrete sound sources on sound emitting machinery. The technique can also be used on relatively silent equipment without issues.

Anechoic Chamber

  • Sound power level measurements in the anechoic chamber and in the field according to international standards EN ISO 9614-1 and 9614-2.
  • Sound pressure level measurement in the anechoic chamber and in the field
  • Sound spectrum analysis from 10 Hz to 20 kHz using sound pressure or sound intensity to identify the parasitic frequencies of a machine.
  • Identification of harmonics of a machine to minimize the structure-borne noise in the system using software.
  • Acoustics software to visualize the localization of sound
  • Acoustic frequency measurements <100 Hz (narrow and wide bandwidth)
  • Inner dimension of the anechoic chamber = 2850 x 2850 x 1800 mm (W x L x H)
  • (Maximum equipment size is 750 x 1500 x 1400 mm)

Sound Measurement Equipment

Coming soon!