Robotics and Automation

This competence fields deals, together with the core activities like robotics and automation, with advanced control and drive technologies, and questions regarding sensors and other mechatronics topics.

In the field of robotics and automation the team is specialized in research, development and implementation of customized robots and machines, and their application in fields like medicine, industry and integration of all aspects of industry 4.0.

Thanks to our experience in development and a tight cooperation with our partners of our institute, of the NTB and from other Universities, we are able to develop or adapt subsystems like mechanic, electronic and sensors, as well as algorithms and control technologies to the needs of our customers.

Our Services

We are available to our customers at any time for any discussions about project ideas and clarifying financing opportunities. Technical requirements are usually specified by the customer. We examine these based on our experience and make development suggestions.

If necessary, we develop solutions first through simulations and prototypes and later implementing the final overall system. Our customer can therefore benefit from our open source robotic framework EEROS.




NTB robotics developed and implemented among others surgical and rehabilitation robots, industrial robots for assembly and measurement purposes. It also developed the open source robotics framework EEROS, as well as the low cost open source robot family EEDURO. Another crucial focus lies on the development of subsystems like low cost force sensors, and drive control systems for electronic commutated motors.

The team uses modern control concepts which go beyond what actual industrial available controllers offer, like sensor guided control strategies through image processing and force control.

Examples of challenging control strategies are hybrid force and position control, visual servoing and operational space control. Thanks to the consistent use of these technologies, the team cam realize very difficult, innovative and complex robotics concepts efficiently and cost effectively.


NTB Automation provides services in the field of industrial automation, in particular advice about Industry 4.0, implementation of process-oriented automation solutions regarding control techniques, sensors and actuators integration and controller programming.

Electric Drive Technology

Our expertise for electric drive technology relate in particular to the modeling and control of power systems. We analyze your specific motion task, develop an appropriate control structure and parameterize it.

Control Technology

In this filed we deal with the identification, modeling and control of systems. After analyzing the system, we define an adequate hierarchical control structure and implement on a practical point of view the control loops.

Depending on the complexity of the system and on the needs of our customers, we develop near conventional PID controllers, also more complex control strategies like state and multivariable controls, where non-linearity of the system is particularly challenging.

Examples of realized projects include model-based temperature controlled coffee machines, controllers auto tuning ad modeling and control of heat-exchangers.   

Strategic Focus

This competence field focuses on strategical aspects like high flexible automation, Industry 4.0, sensor guided solutions and special robot solutions for moblie and domestic Robots and open source strategies.

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