Our Institutes

The strength of NTB research lies not only in the development of specific specialist solutions for specialised issues, but also in the transdisciplinary systems engineering approach. The members of the research team are organised in 7 Institutes (German text) and are accustomed to thinking beyond the boundaries of their own particular discipline and working together with researchers from other disciplines in order to develop complete systems solutions for our clients. 

The EMS Institute is a leading institute for applied research in the development of mechatronic systems and products.  Our primary goal is to create innovation through research, thus creating added value for our customers.  We apply our engineering skills to transfer research outcomes into product development. As a service provider, we are in the comfortable position of having well equipped laboratories and a highly automated workshop, enabling us to produce mechatronic prototypes quickly and reliably.

Robustness against environmental effects, low power consumption and miniaturization are the  challenges with which we are confronted in the world of electronics today. We implement application oriented analog and digital electronic solutions in a strongly interdisciplinary environment. Our commitment is to enhance the visibility of the NTB electronic competences in teaching and research. Our wide network and Field of interests make ESA an ideal partner for applied research and development, especially for SMEs.

The Institute for Compuational Engineering employs innovative state-of-the-art techniques in applied mathematics for analyzing and solving challenging problems in industry and economy. We apply numerical modelling and simulation, data analysis and statistics as well as optimization algorithms. Moreover, we improve and extend such mathematical tools with innovative methodology and tailor them to the specific requirements of our customers. Our extensive and strong network of academic and non-academic partners allows us to ensure that latest research results are translated into applicable solutions to real life problems. 

The Institute for Energy Systems offers research and development in the fields of thermal and electrical energy systems. The main areas of expertise are heat pumps, refrigeration technology, power electronics, and decentralized energy distribution systems.  We provide concept studies, literature research, as well as analysis, design and development of prototypes for various applications. These include, among others, heat pumps, energy in buildings and industry, household appliances, vacuum evaporation, inductive energy transmission, electromobility, photovoltaics, electric chargers, wind simulations, electrical networks and power generation facilities, as well as acoustics.

Am Institut INF werden die Informatikbereiche des NTB gebündelt. Das Institut führt Vorlesungen in Bachelor- und Master-Studiengängen durch und betreibt angewandte Forschung und Entwicklung mit vielseitigen Kompetenzen.
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At the Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnology we are engaged in applied research and development projects in close cooperation with industrial partners and other research institutions. Our expertise covers a large range of the microtechnology field and of other engineering disciplines.

The Institute PWO is your Swiss specialist for application-oriented, production-related precision measuring and testing technology for mechanical and optical components and systems. In our areas of expertise production measurement technology, materials technology, optics and photonics, as well as machine vision, we are engaged in applied research and development and carry out service and contract work efficiently and reliably.