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The NTB - Partner for Industry

The best way to train competent, hands-on engineers is in a problem-solving environment. That is why technology transfer is an integral part of the philosophy of the NTB. For us, technology transfer means that we undertake applied R&D projects for and with our partners in industry; our technological infrastructure enables us to provide them with specialised services. This work is generally carried out by research engineers with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and is supervised by experienced NTB project managers.

The strength of NTB research lies in the development of individual specialised solutions, and in an interdisciplinary systems engineering approach. NTB researchers are organised in 7 Institutes. Accustomed to thinking beyond the boundaries of their own particular disciplines, they work together with researchers from other disciplines to develop complete systems solutions for our clients.

Research at the NTB, using the systems engineering approach, focuses on the following key areas of application (German text):

Research funding for industry

Innovative research and development projects are often funded by the CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation), which covers as much as 50% of total costs. This means our industrial partners can significantly reduce the financial risk of such projects, and invest in technologically high risk projects. The CTI generally covers HR costs at the NTB. Industrial partners pay their own in-house costs (HR, equipment, material) and a cash contribution typically amounting to 10% of the CTI funding. Under certain circumstances, the CTI may agree to special conditions. Further information is available from the CTI. 

In addition, industrial partners can choose from the following alternatives for project work with the NTB:

  • semester and diploma projects for students (with a small contribution to costs)
  • contract work carried out by research engineers
  • accredited test centres (SFOE Heat Pump Test Centre, SCS Calibration Centre for Roughness)
  • projects supported by the Swiss confederation and cantons
  • EU projects

Partner for professional development in specialist areas

The NTB continuing education programme also offers seminars and courses for industry. 

Head of Applied R&D

Andreas Ettemeyer

Prof. Dr. Andreas Ettemeyer
Pro Rector and Head of Applied R&D

+41 81 755 34 87