Wireless Power Transfer for EVs

Within the IEA-HEV (Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) technical collaboration program, Task 26 deals with wireless power transfer (WPT) for electric cars. This task started in 2014 and is expected to end in 2019. A total of nine meetings have been held so far. Three of them took place in North America, one in Asia and five in Europe. The Institute for Energy Systems (IES) at the NTB represents Switzerland and thus can contribute with its own experience in the field of innovative charging technologies. The research results of the participating countries and institutions provide a better understanding of the technology and interoperability between the systems. This task includes a study of country-specific standards, technical approaches, power grid influences, regulatory and safety guidelines for inductive charging systems. Participation in these workshops enables a broad exchange of experiences. 

Project Partner: Swiss Federal Office of Energy

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Date 31.10.2018
Categories Electronics ,
Institutions IES
Members Prof. Kurt Schenk, PhD Simon Nigsch, MSc. FHO