Universalladegerät pCharger

Today every mobile and consumer device is shipped with its own charger. In this project a universal charger is developed to charge most devices available on the market today. This is only possible when the charger communicates with the consumer device to get the charging parameters. This leads to a situation where only one charger per household is required. The electronic waste can be reduced significantly.

The pChager uses a 100W high efficient power stage. With the integrated universal input the charger can be used worldwide. Each of the individual output supports 5-10V and up to 100W in total. This large output range is required to adapt to all kind of consumer and mobile devices. During the initialization of the charging process, the charger and consumer product communicate and decide on the charging current and voltage. This is done through USB and without any interaction of the user.

In close collaboration with our customer the power stage, the digital controller board and the software were developed in parallel. Our competences in the field of power electronics, as well as the specific software expertise of the customer are seamlessly combined in this product.

Industry partner: Clustertec AG

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Date 15.02.2015
Categories Electronics ,
Institutions IES
Members Prof. Kurt Schenk, PhD Simon Nigsch, MSc. FHO