300 W Battery Charger

Nowadays efficiency is an important sales argument, although a product has to be cost-competitive. We supported our customer in developing the power stage from defining the specifications until the first production batch. In this process a product with an optimal balance between volume, cost and power efficiency was developed.

The battery charger contains a universal input PFC front end (85 V to 265 V) and insulation class II which allows a worldwide distribution of the product, while fulfilling all established regulatory standards. The output voltage (15 V to 35 V) as well as the output current (0 A to 10 A) can be controlled independently. Charging curves are programmable in order to charge each battery type optimally.

In close collaboration with our customer the power stage and the digital interface for peripheral applications were developed concurrently. Our competences in the field of power electronics as well as the specific expertise of the customer were seamlessly combined in this development process.

The ongoing approvals and industrialization process (certification and product tests) will be accompanied by our team on a consulting basis.

Project Partner: Dial Engineering AG, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

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Date 25.08.2016
Categories Elektronik ,
Energie ,
Energy ,
Electronics ,
Product Development and Innovation
Institutions IES
Members Prof. Kurt Schenk, PhD Philippe Tanner, MSc. FHO Raffael Haldi, MSc. FHO