• Milestone 1
  • Milestone 2
  • Milestone 3
  • Milestone 4
  • Milestone 5
  • Milestone 6

M1a System- and requirement analysis

System description
We wrote down our first thoughts which include the requirements which our robot has to accomplish, how it moves over court and which outside influences it will get.

Requirements list
A requirements list was prepared which recorded the game's boundary conditions and guideline for the robot.
At the end of this milestone every requirements list of each team were summarize into one.

First schedule was created over the whole project process to ensure us an overview of the whole timed procedure.

M1b Looking for a concept

To break the setting task different trials was laid. Ideas were recorded in a morphological analysis and various overall plan were defined.

M1c Choosing a concept

At this milestone we have to choose for one specific concept. Because of the various experiments we could rule out some ideas and find a final solution. We also have to make a decision about the components, dimensions and interfaces.

Design Review

To fix almost every errors documents of each team were checked in multiple discussion forums. At the specific reviews of the subteams, an advisor, every member of the subteam and at least one of another subteam has to be attended.

The accomplished reviews were state in a rated final review.

Rating Criteria

- Design-Review-Progress, type of the accomplishment

- How was the result handled?

Performance of the minor functions

Every subsystem of the robot was activated and shown. Problems were exposed and the next steps were presented.

Rating Criteria

- Rate of progression of each part system

- Rate of progression of software's tested part system

- Communication concept efficiency with the partner team

- Steps for systematic troubleshooting and type of error limitation

- Action plan for error correction

Final Report

A comprehensive document on the entire course of the project was compiled. A team flyer was designed and the website completed.

Rating Criteria

- Report in general

- Report per sub team

- Operations and servicing manual

- Summary / Flyer

- Website

Show it to the professionals

Rating Criteria

- Over-all system

- Technical design

- Presentation

- Cooperation with our partner team

Show it to the audience

Rating Criteria

- Does the robot work?

- Intelligibility and cogency for amateurs

- Optical and linguistic quality of the presentation

- Keeping the time