Milestone M1 a)

System and requirements analysis:

For the first of our milestones, the following objectives were developed and presented to the experts in a presentation.

⁃ System description

⁃ Requirements list 

⁃ Schedule

Milestone M1 b)

Concept development:

With the help of various strategies such as brainstorming and a morphological box, ideas and solution variants were developed and compiled.

This also revealed very "special" solution approaches. Various concepts were then developed from the solution approaches.

Milestone M1 c)

Concept decision:

In the context of a presentation we should present our concept decision to the two experts. The time schedule was revised and adjusted to reflect the technical justification of the concept decision. From our point of view, we opted for a solution that was as simple to implement and cost-effective as possible. This also guaranteed us a functioning system. This saved us the time to test the more complicated solutions.

Milestone M2

Design Review:

Now all sub-areas have been put through their paces by the lecturers. During the corresponding revisions by the experts, some hidden defects were discovered. These were then processed and improved accordingly, which made future work much easier for us.

Milestone M3

Demonstration of subfunctions

Milestone M4

Final report