The project team

Our team studies in the first academic year of the NTB Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering and consists of the whole part time class of the St. Gallen location. We consist of members with completed apprenticeships from many different working fields such as construction, programming and electronics. For this task we split ourselves into three subteams: mechanics, electronics and software. These were made with existing know-how in mind or interest in a new subject.

Organization chart

  • Team leader
  • Software
  • Mechanik
  • Elektronik

Dario Ikonic

Technical Designer

Basile Schöb

Software lead
Software Developer

Pedro Stark

Automation Technician

Tim Helbock


Philippe Rechsteiner

Software Developer

Yannik Durisch

Mechanics lead
Technical Designer

Jasmine Gerber

Technical Designer

Marcel Frick

Technical Designer

Benjamin Kraft

Electronics lead
Electrical Technician

Marco Roth

Technical Designer