Our team

The team consists of 12 members divided into three sub-teams. For the communication of the individual sub-teams, group leaders have been appointed, to keep all the tasks of the sub-team members under control. As a result, work steps can always be discussed and processed separately in the affected sub-teams. So the efficiency is increased massively and unnecessary meetings can be avoided.

To ensure that all members of the team are always up to date, team meetings are held weekly, with each sub-team briefing the rest of the team on the current status of the task.

  • Team leader
  • Team mechanics
  • Team electronics
  • Team computer science

Marc Stieger (poly-technician)

f.l.t.r.:   Lukas Lehner (technical designer), Jeanot Zubler (group leader mechanics, technical designer), Claude Frei (technical designer), Julian Baumann (farm machinery mechanic), Dennis Wüst (technical designer)

f.l.t.r.: Marc Frei (automation technician), Tina Balsiger (electronics technician), Michael Engel (telematic technician), José Da Silva (group leader electronics, maintenance-technician)