The sub-function driving is accomplished with two directly controlled wheels. These wheels are made of aluminum and überspannt with a standard o-ring. This allows for optimal grip on the playing field. The third support point is defined by a ball wheel, which is located centrally to the front of the robot. A brace is attached to the back of the robot to prevent the possibility of tipping.


The robot utilizes a lever arm to throw the ball. It is operated by a pull magnet. The ball is accelerated and ejected around the pivot point located in the front pillar. The lever arm is reset by a servomotor, which is attached to the side of the front pillar and runs a resetting lever.


The robot catches the thrown ball with the hopper, which is located in the upper part of the robot. This consists of two parts, which are stored loose on a foam layer. The foam layer between the hopper and the attachment dampens the impact of the ball.