Robo Jordan

Behinde the development of our robot involves three basic branches: mechanics, electronics and software. Only through the perfect interaction of all three areas, it is possible to ensure a smooth game play and thus to fulfill the task.


Our robot has a cylindrical basic structure and is powered by two small DC motors. The throw is done by lever arm, which is operated by a solenoid. The catching device is a funnel-shaped top which guides the ball back into the throwing mechanism.
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The electronics in Robo Jordan consists of a motherboard with a voltage regulator, microcontroller and motor driveras well as 12 smaller boards for ground sensors, sensors for detecting enemies and sensors for ball detection. The power supply for the entire system is ensured by a 18.5V battery.
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In addition to the correct control of the individual components of the game is a key theme of our software. We have agreed two different game procedures with the partner team, which consider all events to fulfill the task. Decisive is the perfect communication with our partner robot.
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