IP Summer School "Engineering Visions"

The first "IP Summer School „Engineering Visions" took place in 2013, the first two sessions being run and financed as an Erasmus intensive programme. Meanwhile, the summer school is run and financed by five partner universities.

After some preparatory assignments at home, a group of 5-7 students from each partner university come together for 2 weeks to develop their engineering vision of and for the future. Students need to combine hard and soft skills as they work together in international interdisciplinary teams with the support of mentors from different cultures.

Each year the summer school takes place at a different venue: in 2013 at HTW Saar (D), 2014 UAS Saxion (NL), 2015 NTB (CH), 2016 TU Lodz (PL), 2017 University West (SE), 2018 UAS Saxion (NL), 2019 HTW Saar (D), 2020 NTB (CH)

Applications until May 1 for the IP Summer School 2020 at the NTB in St Gallen. This event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 and will take place in 2021.