Outgoings: The world's your oyster!

Whether you wish to study or do a work placement - spending time abroad is an experience with added value. Why not benefit from this yourself! The NTB has an extensive international network you can use.

During Bachelor studies

There are various options if you wish to spend some time abroad:

Short stay

Collaboration with partner universities has led to some events becoming a regular feature of international activities at the NTB. For example, the International Project Week at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede (NL) and the IP Summer School "Engineering Visions" are becoming increasingly popular.

Students are free to propose and organise activities such as class trips at any time. There are virtually no limits to possible options!

 Semester abroad

Of course, you can plan to spend more time abroad. You can choose between the following possibilities:

After Bachelor studies

And what next? Some options you might wish to consider: