Incomings: Studying at the NTB

If you are interested in studying technology at a relatively small School of Engineering, you have found the right place. At the NTB you can

    • study for a Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Science)
    • study for a Master's degree (Master of Engineering).

Please note the following language requirements:

  • At Bachelor level, you will need an adequate command of German (at least CEFR B2) and English (at least CEFR B1).
  • If you are coming for a semester abroad, you will also need adequate German and English skills in order to be able to profit from your stay with us.
  • At Master level, you will need to demonstrate a command of German and English at CEFR C1 Level.

If you do not have a language certificate, you can test your German skills online at the Goethe Institute.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would be pleased to help you.