My first steps

Hello! my name is… Uhmmmm… I think, that I’m not pretty sure about that…by the moment I don’t really have a name, the boss of electronics calls me Jürg, but right now that isn’t defined, if this will be my name or not. What is sure, is that I’m a robot project. My mission is to collaborate with my colleague from St. Gallen (our partner team, the team 8). Together we will create a fantastic lighthouse. My job will be collecting Lego blocks and bringing them to my colleague.

Now I would like to introduce you to the people who are designing me at the moment and who will construct me later on, the ones who are going to develop my nervous system and my heart and finally connect it to my structure and the ones who will help me thinking and take decisions. All of them are the team 4, and I have the feeling that they are going to make out of me a really cool robot that collects Lego blocks.  

We got it !!!

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