FHO system engineering project 2018

We are Team 06 from Buchs and for the System engineering Project 2018 we will independantly build a robot. In collaboration with a partner robot our robot will be able to build a light house out of Duplo blocks.

You can find the exact assignement of the task here:

System engineering project 2018 - assignement of task


What does our robot do?

In collaboration with our partner team from St. Gallen we had the early idea to split the tasks.

One robot will build the light house while the other one will provide it with blocks.

The decision was made that we will build the supply robot.

We will approach the block feeder, store the blocks and then transfer them to the builder robot.

We decided to pick the blocks up using a shovel system.

These blocks will be stored and chained in the correct order.

Finally we will approach the builder robot and transfer the blocks with a pestle.