The Team is divided into mechanics, elektonics and computer sience. With weekly meeting, we ensure a good communication and Task sharing. 

Team organization


Dominik Wüst

Education: technician HF, electrics technician

Employed at: Brusa as an electronics hardware designer

team mechanic

Andreas Masciadri (leader)

Education: technical designer

Employed at: Voith Hydro as a service engineer

Roman Forter

Education: polymechanic

Employed at: Starrag AG as an polymechanic

Dominik Alge

Education: technician HF, mechanical engineering

Employed at: Alge H. AG

team electronic

Dominik Wüst (leader)



Carlo Schelling

Education: electronics technician EFZ

Employed at: Nägele-Capaul communicatins AG as an electronics technician

Jan Roth

Education: car mechanic EFZ

Employed at: Garage Gut AG as a car mechanic

team computer sience

Elmedin Selimi (leader team computer sience)

Education: electrician

Employed at: Dividella AG a software developer

Marco Walder

Education: technical designer EFZ

Employed at: Brusa Elekto as a technical designer

Beat Schneider

Education: automation technician EFZ

Employed at: SFS intec Heerbrugg as an automation technician