Two cooperating robots will be placed on each side of the mountain. They have to reach a platform, which will be locatet just on one side.

Therefor we have to face the following challenge:


The robots are placed on the opposite side of the mountain. The goal is to land on a platform, which will be locatet on oune side of the mountain, but we dont know where it is.

The robot must not exceeded the dimensions 160x160x160mm. Also the maximal weight is 3kg.


To reach the goal, the Roboter should land within 3 minutes.

The mountain must not be touched by one of the robots nor of some wires or ropes.

The land platform is placed after positioning the robots

funcional area

  • drive
  • coupling mechanism
  • communication
  • Lokalization of the target platform


To drive our robot we decied to use 3 Motors to move in X-, Y- and Z-direction. These Motors will be controlled by an intelligent software. The Motors will roll up a wire with an spool.

Motor description:

Modelnumber.: RH 158 (datasheet)

Mains voltage: 12V

gearing transmission : 1:76


for further informations please check this datasheet

coupling mechanism

Docking plate:

To ensure a reproducible docking we designed a Docking plate with a wedge and magnets.

With the limit switch, the controller will know, when the coupling is completed.

Addidional we intended a deliver thread to seperate the robots.


With a W-Lan module, a communication with the partner robot is created. Important information about the tasks will be shared.

Lokalization of the target platform

In order to locate the target platform, we use light sensors, which are adapted to the red light of the platform. The robot scans the playground during operation and then evaluates the data using an algorithm.