Our Team

Our team is leaded by Christoph Grob and is divided into the sub-teams mechanics, electronics and computer science.

Team division

  • Team mechanics
  • Team electronics
  • Team computer science

Team mechanics

The mechanics team takes task from designing, ensuring the mechanical sub-functions as well as assembling the robot. In particular the team is responsible to satisfy to all dimensional requirements. In doing so, the electronical team is closely involved, so that all electronic components can be optimally implemented in the whole system. A simple as well as genius concept was has been developed in which the mechanical and electronic components are arranged in different layers.

Team electronics

The electronics team has taken over tasks from developing electronic design to printing boards production. This includes the concrete determination of all electronic components taking into account the predetermined voltages and currents. Regarding the programmability and pin assignment the electonics team had to co-operate closely with the team computer science. The team mechanics has been involved while discussing about space conditions and cable management.

Team computer science

The main task of the IT team is to program the robot. This includes all sub-functions of the robot, such as the control of the motors and  reading of sensor data. A functioning communication between the robots is also important to manage the task. This is why a coordinated cooperation with the IT staff of the partner team is required. Furthermore, the control of actuators and sensors is closely linked to the electronics team.