Welcome to the website of Team 07 from St. Gallen. We are a young and motivated team of 10 systems engineering sudents in the first year of study, which is aiming to develop a robot which is not only supposed to fulfill the task safely, but also to tackle it with a certain elegance. In order to put this into reality, a simple as well as ingenious concept was developed, which we would like to introduce you to:


The name is the product. With the ease and elegance of a Capricorn, he is able to overcome the mountain in a twist.


Our robot is characterized by the following features:

  1. Pivoting distance sensor for position Determination
  2. 4 photodiodes for LED detection
  3. 4 independently controllable DC micro Motors
  4. Winding spindle with optimized shape for winding the ropes without entanglement risk
  5. Optimized cable guides
  6. 4 toggle switches for manual real-time operation of the robot
  7. Combination of sheet metal and Plexiglas for a noble design

You can find out more details about our team and the robot as well as some insights into the development process under the following menu items. The Team 07 from Sankt Gallen wishes you a lot of fun while surfing on our Website!