The project lasts over 2 semesters and is divided into six milestones.

The goal of the milestones is to avoid a team from getting completely out of the time schedule and to find error sources, to solve the errors.

Milestone M1: solution finding and concept decision

The first Milestone is divided into three parts: 

M1a: system and requirements list

The given Task will be studied so a systems description, a requirements list and a time schedule can be made. 

M1b: concept finding

Different methods will be used to create multiple concepts to make an overview of choices of the different concepts. 

M1c: concept decision

A definite concept will be chosen and worked out in detail. The robot will be built after this concept. 

Milestone M2: design review

Multiple reviews will be Held by the subteams with the experts before the actual M2 to clear uncertainties, find mistakes and to solve them. All the results of the reviews will be presented at M2 in front of the experts (final Review).

Milestone M3: demonstration of the sub-functions

The goal of this milestone is to show the progress of every group in the team. In addition the bugs, the complications and the problems has to be shown and we have to explain how we solved these tasks. The first version of the website has to be online. A plan about the pending problems has to be shown. Therefore the experts get an overview about where we are working on in the project.

Milestone M4: final report

In this Milestone all the documents which belong to this project are handed over to the experts. This means final report, user guide, summary/flyer and the website has to be finished. The final report has to be designed in a way that a specialist can understand the development and if needed, it is possible for him to develop the robot further.

Milestone M5: technical presentation

The team presents the robot to the experts. In this presentation will be shown if the the team has achieved the requirements of the requirements list. The cooperation of the two robots will be shown with the Partner team. Finally the team has to answer questions from the experts. 

Milestone M6: public presentation

In the last milestone we will present our robot with the partner team to the experts, school colleagues, parents and other interested people.