Our Team

Team overview

Team Mechanics

The mechanics-team is responsible for the construction of the robot. They create all 3D-models including all the single part drawings and give the order for the manufacturing of the components. After the parts have been produced, the mechanics-team is going to assemble the mechanical parts of the robot.

Jacopo Fiorini
Carolyn Geisser
Precision optician
Christian Crameri

Team Electronics

The electronics team is responsible for the design of the printed curcuit boards and the procurement of the electrical components. They are also responsible for soldering the electronical components onto the printed circuit board.

Alice Lenherr
Physics laboratory assistant
Ramon Mindel
Management assistant
Flavio Chao
Automation technician

Team IT

Team IT is responsible for the control and automation of the electrical components by a java program.

The signals of the sensors will be used, the Motors will be controlled and calculations according to the required Task will be executed. This ensures that the robot will solve the task under the set circumstances.

Angela Hungerbühler
Electronics technician
Robin Vetsch
Automation technician