Dear reader, I am Lumpus!

I am the robot you can see below and I welcome you to my website. My diligent helpers are ten first-year systems engineering students, who had the task to design and construct me for their systems engineering project. They also have to make sure that cooperation with my partner robot of Partnerteam08 «EnteB» works out. If there is ever a disruption or I need help, my team is responsible for supporting and mending me.

About me

My case is made of an aluminium shell and two aluminium plates. As actuators I have four direct-current motors. Three of them are used to climb while the last one is for coupling to my partner (robot from Partnerteam08). With the aid of my rope winches and clamps I will climb over the mountain. In addition my innards are composed of a battery, two circuit boards, wires and some sensors. If you are interested, visit me at my presentation on 27/06/2017 or look around on my other web pages.

Have fun!