Yes, finally, I have a name:

Yes, after a lot of effort and headache of my team I´m reality. Jet I am more than just sketches. I already even got my own logo. It looks great and things are about to be perfect for the presentation in the end of June. Of course there are still many details to be done but I know that my team will manage them without any problem.

Now I would like to explain you the process of building the lighthouse:


First step: I will have to communicate with robot of team 8. It is going to be like: “Hi, it’s me! Let’s get started!”

Picking up the blocks:

Once the first step is done I am getting ready for picking up the first blocks. I will move to the pile of blocks on the right and will start loading them.

Loading the blocks:

When I am in the correct position I will use the magnetic energy of the magnets that are hanging onmy cablecar. I will load five blocks of the same colour at the same time. Afterwards I will move to the pile of blocks on the left to load the blocks of the other colour. All the blocks will be stocked on my cablecar until the disposal starts.

Placing the blocks at disposal:

As soon as I loaded all the blocks I will move to the robot of the other team. Once I am in the correct position I will inform my partner that everything is ready for the disposal. Because of the activation of the electromagnet the slide will be opened. The cablecar will turn to the right and the left and thanks to a flap at the slide the blocks will be freed. The blocks are getting separated from the magnet and slide over to my colleague. Once I am done with this work the only thing I have to do is wait until my colleague is done assembling the lighthouse. 

In the very end we will turn on the lights of the lighthouse.


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