Our team and our robot were named after Alan Stevensson, a scottish engineer who built dozens of lighthouses along the scottish coast in the 19th century. Like our robot he saved a lot of lives by doing this.

Its Alans task to grab the Lego stones and hand them over to our companion robot in a more advantageous position.


in the beginning the robot is placed in a random place on the field and is only movable in direction of the y-axis by a team member. A wifi-signal tells the robot to start the process. Depending on his starting location he will move to the left or right corner of the field and initialise a new zero point. Now he is able to move towards the first brick dispenser. 

While driving the arm is already moving to the position in which he is able to grab the brick. If he arrived in front of the first brick dispenser he is aligning himself to properly grab the brick. A sensor inside the clamp is giving out a signal if a brick is held properly. After grabbing the stone he is going into reverse and drives back to the partner robot. While doing so he is already turning his arm for 180° and tilts it in a 45° angle. In a height of 5cm he is then able to hand over the brick to the partner robot which already collected the spire. This process is repeated a minimum of 8 times with alternately collecting a white and a red stone. In the meantime our partner robot is stacking up the tower. If the tower is finished, both robots are not touching it and they sent their stop-signals to the spire the procedure is finished.

Numbers & facts

Dimensions:                 160x160x155mm(l/b/h)
Motors:                         DC-stepper motor Series AM1020 (Datasheet)
                                      DC-stepper motor Series DM620 (Datasheet)
                                      DC-stepper motor Series AM2224 (Datasheet)
                                      2x DC Mikromotor Serie 1717..SR (Datasheet)
                                      DC-Kleinstmotor Serie 1516..S (Datasheet)
                                      DC-Kleinstmotor Serie 0816...SR (Datasheet)
display:                         Mouser LCD-16x2B (Datasheet)
circuit board:                two-ply
Accumulator:                Turnigy nano-tech, 1300 mAh (Datasheet)                                             
Sensors:                        proximity sensor Dist Meas Sensor Analog,                                                4-30 RoHS-konform (Datasheet)
Alan grabbing a brick