Our team

f.l.t.r: Timo Wenk, Thomas Rath, Roman Mazenauer, Philipp Ellmann, Julian Hofer, Astrit Osmani, Rene Pfister, Rene Wohlwend, Samuel Flütsch, Flurin Rieder

Our team consists of 10 people from the part time course in system engineering. Our team is split up in 3 different subteams: mechanics, electronics and IT. These 3 fields are fundamental for systems engineering.

the mechanic team is responsible for construction, calculation, eventually production and assembly of the robot.

the electronics technicians are designing the circuit board and they also choose the sensors and actuators, so everything that is needed to control the robot.

The IT guys are writing the software for the robot. The code they write is essential for the fulfillment of the task.

Our partner team is team number 9 from St. Gallen.

Depending on the vocational basic training and appropriate knowledge and after a few hierarchic changes after the first few months our team looks like this:



organisation chart
If you'd like to get to know us better...
  • team leader
  • Team Mechanics
  • Team Electronics
  • Team IT

Rene Wohlwend

technical drawer

Philipp Ellmann

leader mechanics

deputy team leader

technical drawer



Roman Mazenauer

technical drawer



Flurin Rieder

CNC Operator




Samuel Flütsch

landscape gardener




Timo Wenk

CNC Operator

log writer

Web - Design

Astrit Osmani

team leader Electronics

Electronics technician



Rene Pfister

HTL Chemistry

Julian Hofer

IT team leader

cIT specialist systems engineering


Thomas Rath

HTL Electronics

in both IT and electronics team