• project start
  • M1a - Systems analysis
  • M1b - finding a solution
  • M1c - deciding for a concept
  • M2 - Design Review
  • M3 - Presentation of partial functions
  • M4 - final report

project start

This years systems engineering project already started in the introduction week. After a few lectures about the procedure we already started with the list of requirements.

For accomplishing this tremendous task we only took use of our previous work experiences. There were only some some lectures for smaller and more specific subjects.

M1a - Systems analysis

For the first milestone M1a we had to submit the list of requirements, a system description and the first version of our time schedule.

System description
Our first time schedule

M1b - finding a solution

For milestone M1b we had to write a report in which we documented the first basic consepts we came up with. For this we us a morphological box. The team rates each solution for its advantages and disadvantages and looks out for risk which might come up in the future.In teams of three we came to an agreement for three different concepts.

Morphological box

M1c - deciding for a concept

Until the 25th of March we had to decide for a concept and afterward demonstrate our thinking process in a presentation. We went for koncept 1, which in our opinion was the easiest one. 

concept 1

M2 - Design Review

Until the 8th of August 2018 we had to perform design reviews for each subsection. The aim of these reviews was to find problems and discrepancies in our design work and to solve these problems. In addition we had team-building training and we had to deal with other areas, which was beneficial for the interdisciplinarity. For each review there were experts in this field present who assisted us in solving the problems. All flaws were written down in a so called 'List of findings', evaluated and improved. 

List of findings

M3 - Presentation of partial functions

On the 8th of May we had to held another presentation about the partial functions of our robot. We had to explain the print layout, the already written codes and our mechanical construction. Most of the parts of the robot are already manufactured and assembled.

CAD-Model April 2018

M4 - final report

On the 17th of June 2018 the final report has to be finished. it consists of a complete documentation of the whole project process, a maintenance instruction, a manual and a flyer. At this point the robot is mostly finished and there are just some smaller problem to be dealt with.