Project Timeline

The project lasts two semesters and is comprised of six milestones, spaced out through the academic year. The goal of each milestone is to keep each team to a practical schedule, and to help them realise and correct mistakes as early as possible.

Milestone M1: Design Concept and brainstorming

The first milestone is in three parts.

M1a : System and requirements list

The task is to be studied. The team is to produce a System-description, a requirements list and a schedule.

M1b: Conceptualising

The team is to try out various methods and come up with various potential concepts for a solution to the task.

M1c: Decide on a concept

One of the previously investigated concepts is to be chosen and presented.

M2: Design review

Before the M2 review, several internal reviews are to be carried out by the appropriate sub-teams, along with lecturers, in order to identify and remedy any difficulties or mistakes which are found. The results of these internal reviews will be presented and discussed at the final M2 review.

M3: Demonstration of partial functions

The goal of milestone M3 is to demonstrate how each sub-team is progressing, by way of presentation. Additionally, all complications and problems should be presented along with how they have been solved. The first version of the website should also be presented at this point. Afterwards, a contingency plan should be implemented for future problems.

M4: Final report

All documents belonging to the project are to be handed in during this milestone, including reports, operating instructions, summaries, a flyer, and a finished version of the website. The report should be delivered in such a way, that an industry professional could understand and implement the project to completion.

M5: Inhouse presentation

The robot must perform its task in cooperation with its partner robot for in house reviewers. The team will then answer questions from the panel.

M6: Public presentation

The robot will, along with its partner robot, be presented for judges, fellow students and other interested parties.