Our robot

name: RobiDuck


The task of our robot is to get the withe stones out of the storeroom and put them on the existing tower. In addition our robot has to put the head of the lighthouse on the tower and send the final signal.

functional description:


The robot of our team and our partner team (team 10) are placed randomly along the x-axis of the field.

After the start signal, RobiDuck determines its position with the help of its IR sensors. As soon as the robot of Team 10 "Klaus the Lighthouse Builder" has taken his starting position, he gets a red stone from the camp and places it first at the intended location on the island.

construction phase:

While "Klaus the Lighthouse Builder" sets his stone, RobiDuck gets a white stone from his warehouse. As soon as the robot of the partner team has set his stone, he sends a signal to RobiDuck and gets a new red stone. Now RobiDuck approaches the lighthouse and sets the white stone. Then our robot gives Klaus a signal that he has set his stone. As long as stones are set alternately until the desired height has been reached.

The End:

Finally, RobiDuck has the honor to put the tower on top. For this he gets them with his specially designed beak and brings them to the tower. Thanks to two threaded rods, he can extend his neck up to a height of 230mm and thus put the tip of the tower loosely. Now a final signal is sent and the spire lights up. Klaus and RobiDuck have successfully completed their task.