Our Robot-Hercules


Assembly of a Lighthouse out of Lego-bricks using two autonomous-cooperating robots.


The side-mounted arm is moved by a servo from the horizontal pick-up-position to the verical drop-off-postion. 

A modified Lego-brick is used to grab the Legos. The grabber is moved with a linear-servo and is equipped with an ejector bolt.

The set-up unit also includes an anchor to restrict any movement during the pick-up process.


The undercarriage consists mainly of two wheels, which provide drive in one direction, while allowing sliding in the other. 

The wheels are powered by motors, that are positioned above the wheels, the torque is transmitted using belts.

The undercarriage also features a slide to secure the position but is also fited with a servo to compensate differences in height, especially at the edge of the playing field.


After starting, the two robots go to the their home position, robot 1 goes to the first magazine and grabs the first brick, while robot 7 grabs the tip of the lighthouse. After robot 7 has moved out of the way, robot 1 can freely move between the two magazines and assemble the first block of three. He then places the block in between the magazines and moves out of the way, so robot 7 can come in and grab the block to assemble the lighthouse. After three rounds of this, the lighthouse has grown to 9 Bricks and can be placed in its final position.