Team 01

We are Team 01 of the 2017/2018 Systemtechnikproject of the NTB.

Our cooperation Team is Team 07.


We named our robot after the oldest functioning Lighthouse in the world. The Hercules tower in A Coruna, Spain dates back to the romans and is a UNESO world Heritage.


As basic approach we and Team 7 have decided to divide the task up between the robots. The first robot would get the bricks out of the magazine and assemble packs of three for the second robot, whose Job it would be to assemble the tower out of these packs, mount the spire on top and planting the tower in its final posititon.

The Robot

Our Robot is equipped with a side-mounted arm, which is able to transport three stacked blocks at once. The blocks are to be picked out of the magazines and stacked on top of each other. The Arm then releases the stacked blocks at a pre-determined position.

The drive is realised with treaded wheels which exactly fit into the Lego ground plates. the wheels are to power the movement in one direction and glide in the other, thus two wide wheels are sufficient to reach any position on the playing field.

Pictures: Robot


Pictures: Work in Progress

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